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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Get the Rita look

We celebrate the LOVE GODDESS ahead of the Rita Hayworth season at BFI Southbank with a fabulously forties make-up tutorial...

In the 1940s make-up was all about the lipstick, a great matted red was the look. Even land girls wouldn’t be seen without it! During the war, make up was in very short supply and everyone became very inventive, such as using boot polish for mascara! No need for such drastic measures now and certainly not at the Columbia studios in Rita's Hay Day (excuse the pun!) 
Everyone aspired to look just like Rita Hayworth, she was the girl that women all over the world wanted to be. Here is how to get that iconic look that is still so fashionable today...


1. As always start with perfectly primed skin and apply your foundation and powder well, matte was the order of the day. Prime eyes too and use a light concealer. 

2. With your eyeshadow brush apply a neutral beige colour to the whole eyelid.

3. Take your socket brush and with a very subtle neutral stone or light brown shade in the socket. If you tilt your head down slightly you will find it easier to find the correct place to shade. You want it barely there for a daytime look but you can go slightly darker for evening looks.

4. Take a good liquid eyeliner, and apply a very thin line along the eyelashes of your upper lid from the inner towards the outer corner and extend it slightly.

5. Use an angled brush to define your eyebrows and gently accentuate the arch, in a complementary or slightly darker colour. 

6. Lashings of mascara, but for an authentic look just apply to the upper lashes.

7. Rouge was also popular, so a light dusting of rosy pink to the apples will compliment this look.

8. Lips need to be perfectly lined with a good red pencil that matches your lipstick, and the lipstick needs to be a very matte pillar-box red. Blot well.

The complete look!! 

All hail Rita!! 

WIN: We have 3 x pairs of tickets to see a Rita Hayworth film of your choice during the season at the BFI Southbank this June. 

To WIN simply tell us which of Rita's films is your favourite and why. Simply post your comment below and be sure to leave your email address. 

 Winner will be selected on the wednesday 5th June. 

Good Luck 
The Powderpuff Girls xx 

Tutorial taken from our Style me Vintage make-up book by the one and only Miss Powderpuff
£9.99 available at our online shop 


  1. LOVE Rita! Such an inspiration and will be trying out these tips this weekend to bring some glamour to Grey Bank Hol!!!
    Best film has to be 'Cover Girl' 1944 - Rita establishes herself as a pin up, great cast with Gene Kelly, brilliant music and glamorous hair, gorgeous costumes - the more clothes you can see in a film the better!

  2. It's got to be 'Gilda' for me - film noir at it's best with Rita (aka the Love Goddess) taking centre stage. Her portrayal of Gilda is sophisticated, sexy, and intriguing. The love/hate triangle between her and the two male leads has you on the edge of your seat - thriller/love story/drama/musical - it has all these elements, and is a true 'classic' in my eyes.

    1. Andrea, you are a winner, please email me to claim your prize

  3. Love the answers glamourettes good luck!! :) xx

  4. I love "You'll never be lovelier", with its big lavish production, wonderful dancing with Fred Astaire & the music. It has everything for me and Rita is gorgeous in it!!

    1. Nemo, you are a winner, please email me to claim your prize

  5. It's got to be Gilda! There's a reason The Shawshank Redemption chose that "Who, me?" moment, Rita opitimised effortless glamour in the 1940s. That hair!

    The smoldering dynamic between Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in Gilda was the beginning of an onscreen partnership that would last five more films. But it all started with Gilda, her signature role. I love Rita, and am so pleased to see her legacy lives on!

  6. Thanks for all of the entries ladies we will be announcing the winners later today so be sure to tune on in. xx

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  8. Listen up ladies!

    Names have just been popped into a hat and the lucky winners of the competition are as follows: Behind the Curtain, Nemo and Andrea Peace Congratulations please email me on to claim your prize!

    Thanks to everyone that took part and thanks to those who tried out the tutorial.

    Lots of lipstick Kisses
    The Powderpuff Girls xx

  9. Wow wow wow! Thank you so much - I'll email you now! xx

  10. Calling Andrea and Nemo you have won tickets, please do email me with your details so we can let you know how to claim your tickets and drinks voucher!!