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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Best of British: 60's style royalty and how to steal their style

As we prepare to pack up our patriotic pamper kits and head to The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant this weekend we are celebrating all things British and all things 60's. 

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STREET PARTY CHIC: If you are staying at home and entertaining friends you might want to try this simple make up tutorial to get the iconic 1960's look. 

A key 1960's look was that of the child-like innocence epitomised by Twiggy. Essential elements were:  mini skirts and flat shoes, short neat little bobs, perfect natural complexion, nude glossy lips and round doll-like eyes with huge eyelashes top and bottom. 

STEP 1: Start with perfectly primed skin. Apply your foundation very lightly - keeping it natural. If you have freckles, embrace them and don't cover them up! Prime eyes, too, and use a light concealer. Lightly powder all over face and eyes.


STEP 2: With your eyeshadow brush, apply any pastel colour or even white to the whole eyelid. 

STEP 3: Take your socket brush and, with a very dark grey or black eyeshadow, shade the socket. 
If you tilt your head down slightly, you will find it easier to find the correct place to shade.  You can blend this a little, but a really defined arched socket line was very sixties. You can even use an eyeliner pencil if you want a really authentic look. 

STEP 4: Take a good liquid, gel or cream eyeliner, and with a fine-pointed brush, apply a line along the eyelashes of your upper lid from the inner to the outer corner. You can build this up gradually, but make sure it is thinner at the inner corner and goes to a point at the other end. Add the classic flick at the outer corners, but make it longer, much thicker and more pronounced for this look. 

STEP 5: For an authentic Twiggy, you will want to paint on a few lower lashes at the outer corner of the lower lid. be sure to taper them off to a point and curve them slightly. 

STEP 6: Use an angled brush to define your eyebrows, but keep them very natural. 

STEP 7: Lashings of mascara, and false eyelashes are an absolute must - the thicker the better! 
Twiggy was famous for wearing three pairs! 

We love these from The Vintage Cosmetic Company available at The Powder room

STEP 8: You want barely there blusher in a pale colour. Apply a little on the apples and carry on up along the top of the cheekbone slightly. This look was all about the eyes, so everything else was paired right down.  

STEP 9: Lips should be nude - just a very natural gloss. You could even use foundation instead of lipstick to achieve a 1960's look. 

Finally step out in style and have a Joyous Jubilee

See you at the Pageant 
The Powderpuff girls xx

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This tutorial was taken from Miss Powderpuff's Book Style Me Vintage make-up £9.99 
available at The Powder Room 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Behind the scenes with Judy Berger

This weekend we are packing up our pampering kits and taking THE POWDER ROOM on tour to ...

We went behind the scene's at Judy's for a sneaky interview with the QUEEN of Vintage shopping 
herself Judy Berger.

Firstly thank you for creating these amazing fairs, we adore affordable Vintage and you really have filled a gap in our wardrobes over the years. So what was your inspiration?

Judy: Thank you girls! Well, it all started when i was in London, buying my first house. Money was particularly tight and I noticed that although there were plenty of brilliant places to get my vintage fix, none of them were that ‘affordable’ [with prices and items more suited to the antique rather than vintage that you can simply throw-on and look glam!] I popped-on my thinking cap, spoke to a few traders and asked them, if I can bring you customers, can you keep your prices low? Some said no but the majority said yes, and the Affordable Vintage Fair was born [with Leeds being our first!] We then went on to take the North, move to the midlands and then return to London, claiming Bethnal Green [back this Sunday 27th May] as our east-end home! The rest is history!

What is your top tip for sniffing out the best pieces at a Vintage fair?

Judy: Try things on – sizing shifts throughout the eras so always be sure to have a good try-on to avoid any disappointment. Talk to traders as they are experts in their field and are out to make loyal, returning customers [not one-off sales] – if there is something you’re searching for, be sure to have a natter! Finally, make a mental hit-list – it’s easy to get swept away in the glitz of it all but bear your key items in mind and you won’t leave disappointed!

Which decades are most popular at the moment?

Judy: 1960s and 1950s are always popular, but with summer about to hit us, we’re starting to see a fondness for a new decade – the 90s! A controversial one [is it vintage? Wayne Hemingway, founder of the Vintage Festival which we also curate every year, recently declared 1990 – 92 as vintage, causing a bit of a rumble in the community!] it is an eclectic decade [and not all bumbags and Sister Sister] Personally, we’re big fans of mixing your eras – time-travelling your look is a lot more fun!

1990's Chanel Champaign Image (not a shell suit in site) 

Which Designers are good to collect for clothes/ furniture?

Judy: We are big fans of the 60s classics like Biba, Quant, Ossie Clarke. There’s something so glamorous [and summery!] about 60s design and icons [Edie, Jean, Twiggy] that we’re constantly inspired. In terms of furnishings, we’re big fans of German pottery, the big guns like Ercol and G Plan, as well as anything kitsch! [we like to have as much fun with our homes as we do our wardrobes!]

Twiggy in Mary Quant - J'adore! 

Who inspires your look?
Judy: Bette Davis - I love how she can wear the most elegant outfit and, unlike other stars of her day, she makes them look so accessible. I love how she slings her fur coat around in ‘It’s all about eve’ and she makes the trouser suits look so feminine in ‘Now Voyager.’

Bette Davis looking swoontastic! 

How would you describe your style?

Judy: Trial and error!

What are your favourite cities to visit with the fair?

Judy: Oh gosh, we couldn’t choose, we love them all equally! Bethnal Green is always fun [this time we’ve got hula-hoopers, jugglers and 60s DJs – what’s not to love?] as well as border-hopping to Scotland – honestly, we couldn’t choose!

THIS WEEKEND we offer a side of pampering to go with your shopping!  

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See you there 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Meet the Powderpuff Girls: Interview with Beth Swan

Each month we will interview one of the gals and reveal all their beauty secrets, tips, loves and inspirations. We do hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes here at The Powder Room.

Meet Beth...

Beth at RSVP 2011 giving one of the lucky guest's a quick make over 

What's your favourite thing about being a Powderpuff Girl?

That you get to work all ok the UK at all these incredible events, meet great people and have fun with the clients coming in to the Powder Room's as everyone is in good spritis and excited about whereever they are going on to. Also working with a variety of Powder Puff makeup artists and hair stylists is always great as you can learn so much from these ladies, they are very talented and its a pleasure to be part of the team.

Beth with another of our gals Dominika at The Pirates of the Caribbean premiere. The girls received complimentary tickets after working on a promotion at The Powder Room with Lola cosmetics.

What is your favourite product?

I just can't live without no. 16 face powder by Paul and Joe is my all time favourite blush, on so many skin tones it gives the affect of a natural peachy blush, im addicted!

Paul & Joe Face powder no16 £15.50 at The Powder Room 

What is your favourite era for Hair, Make up and fashion?

I'm torn on the first question! I adore the slique look of the 20's and it was when women were liberated and cut off there hair and wore what they wanted to cause shock and carry on the suffragettes work but then the hair and makeup for the 60's is my favourite too as I love the heavy 'doe' eye make up and the hairstyles were just iconic and works of art in themselves.

1920's Hair & Make up 

1960's Hair & Make up

Where did you go to make up school?

Like Laura I studied at London Colllege of Fashion and I did a foundation degree in film and TV makeup and hair.

Tell us about your favourite place in London!

My favourite walk in London is from St pauls, across to the Tate, and walk along southbank, for me this is where london looks like the London you imagine as a child and I love it it always makes me proud to live here! And of course you have to stop off at borough market and eat as many free samples as you can! (avoid saturdays!)

London's Borough Market 

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Now that would be telling! but if you prefer boutiquey shops Seven Dials is fab and for vintage spittalfields on a thursday is best or bricklane any day!

Seven Dials near Covent Garden London 

Who is you style icon? 

I dont really have an icon but here are a few inspirations, Hong Kong in the 60s, Geisha's and of Course my mum!

60's Hong Kong actress LILY HO 

A gorgeous Geisha

Beth working her magic! 

Beth is famous for the best flicks in town, be it hair or eyeliner you are sure to get the finest flicks in her super skilled hands!

If you have a question for the girls email it 
and we may include it in the next interview