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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Get the Gatsby Look: Make-up tutorial

Get gorgeously ready for all those Gatsby parties with this 1920's inspired look. This vintage makeup tutorial comes straight from the Style Me Vintage Make- up book by Miss Powderpuff herself Katie Thomson. In the book Style Me Vintage Make-up, Katie takes you through, step-by-step, how to achieve a gorgeous smoky 1920s look. However, this vintage makeup look on gorgeous model Oonah is a softer, more dewy look than that 1920s look so easier for all to wear. 
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
We are playing with this look and giving it a slightly rebellious 1970's meets the 1920's look inspired by 'Biba'.  To quote the creators of this iconic fashion label, “Fresh little foals with long legs, bright faces and round dolly eyes”.  In contrast to the traditional 1920s look, you can use more metallic, shimmery colors rather than matte. I am using a deep aubergine purple color for the eyeshadow, but a jade green or a peacock blue are equally Biba-esque! It is usually quite a good idea to do your base after your eyes for this make-up unless you are a super careful as you use quite a lot of eyeshadow and it could drop onto your cheeks and spoil your foundation. Unlike the 1920s step by step in the book, for this look we are going to skip the kohl eyeliner.
Step 1
The technique for applying the eyeshadow is very much the same as the 1920s make-up. Take your eyeshadow brush and coat it with your chosen eyeshadow, gently flick off any excess, and starting sparingly and in very small circular movements start at the outer edge of the lid and socket and gradually blend towards the inner corner.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 2
You can repeat step 1 until you get the required density. Much better to build up gradually. And use your blendingbrush to make sure you don’t have any hard edges. You are trying to get the density of color in the socket, outer and inner corner of the eye, fading out towards the brow bone and in the center of the eyelid. You want this shape to be more round than feline so don’t be tempted to move out towards your temples with the eyeshadow.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 3
With a pointed brush take the same color along the lower lashes, fading out just past the center of the eye, blending slightly downwards well so you don’t get a hard line.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 4
On the brow bone and the middle of the eyelid you can use a lighter shade of eyeshadow with a slight shimmer.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 5
You can also use the highlighter around your eye, with your ring finger blend a small amount round towards the temples and onto the cheekbone.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 6
Eyebrows were quite thin and long and rounded down, but not too defined. You can do this with a small angled brush and a complimentary eyeshadow.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 7
Apply lashings of mascara to top and bottom eyelashes. Or to really go for it a set of strip lashes on the top lid and some individual lashes on the lower lid!
Step 8
Here’s where you can do your foundation if you haven’t already, keep it natural and dewy, not too matte and powdery.
Step 9
Keep blusher mostly to the cheekbone and arc up to the temples, in a subtle shimmery peach.
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Step 10
Lips are a deep berry, purpley-red. Line the lips with a dark berry pencil into a well-defined small rosebud shape again to echo the 1920s. If you have a wider mouth you can still achieve this look, just don’t take your lipline right to the corners. A shiny rather than a matte lipstick suits this look best.  Complete your look with candy floss hair and colorful metallic nails!
Vintage Makeup Tutorial
Enjoy glamourettes xx


  1. Wow, Katie looks stunning. What a beautiful look and a fab post. We will definitely be copying this! Thanks for posting.

    Sam x