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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Judy Berger reveals what's in her make-up bag

As we pack up our pampering kits and prepare to head off to this weekends 
 Bethnal Green Affordable Vintage Fair  we grab founder and all round Vintage shopping queen, Judy Berger, to have a rummage through her Make-up bag.

Judy Berger of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair  enjoying a do! 

Q. What would you say is key to nailing a killer look?

Flawless skin first and foremost. The older I get the more time I spend prepping my skin and using good cleansers and moisturisers, you really see the difference as you apply your make up.

We recommend: The Paul & Joe Skincare Range from £15 at The Powder Room 

Q. Can we take a peek inside your make up bag?

No 7 tinted moisturiser, Bobby Brown powder and gel eyeliner, a set of good brushes by Shu Umera and Laura Mercier and my new favourite no 7 mascara.

Paul and Joe Beaute Cosmetics Pouch II
We love this cute make-up bag by Paul & Joe £20.50

Q. Tell us about the contents...

Each product has been picked out at a different period in my life. If I find a good product I stick with it, especially my base products. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t use Bobby Brown powders, but I do change my mascara brands as they flood the market each year with new promises – I’m a marketing man’s dream!! I don’t like to have a heavy base for daywear so I keep my skin fresh and use a tinted moisturiser and I haven’t ever found one as good as No 7. I buy lipsticks in coral or red and alternate them in my handbag, aside from that I leave my make-up bag at home – I’m not the girl who touches up through the day.

We love this handbag hero, Lola lipstick complete with pop out mirror on the lid for
 the perfect pout anywhere  £17.50   

Q. What beauty product could you simply not live without ?

Tinted moisturiser

Q. Do you dare to go bare?

Of course! Though I do feel I look like a child, a tired child without my war paint.

Us gals at The Bethnal Green Affordable Vintage Fair 
on May 27th 2012 

Q. On fair day do you have a special routine for hair & make up?

It all depends what time I have to be up and how much time I have once I’ve sorted my traders out. Some fairs I’m up at 5am, most I’m up by 7am and I rarely get a good nights sleep before a fair which really shows. I always use my beauty flash balm and make sure I apply a good face mask the night before to try to disguise the tiredness. I will usually then go through my usual routine and pray that I have booked lovely ladies like the Powder Puff girls to conceal my eye bags and make me look mighty pretty!!

Behold a retro beauty hero!

We also like this modern day update:  Paul and Joe protective primer uv  £20

What are you doing this weekend? 
Why not join Judy and us Powderpuff Gals at Bethnal Green's Affordable Vintage Fair this Sunday 30.09.12  
for a spot of shopping and pampering just in time for pay day!

We will be treating you to fabulous retro make-overs 

Choose From The Gorgeous Lookbooks

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Flicks & lips £5
Refresher £5

FREE Powderpuff worth £12 plus our coveted pink passport with every treatment!


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For more new on Judy's fabulous fairs join her on facebook

See you there
The Powderpuff Girls xx 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fabulous Faces: Make up trends we LOVE

A fashion whirlwind has just strutted it's way through our hometown and with it came a whole new wave of inspiration. As we reluctantly dust off our coats. refill our draws with tights and pop our Summer dresses away, we can't think of anything better to cheer away the chills than 
some gorgeous new Hair & Makeup looks. 
As always its the retro inspired glamour that catches our attention so take a peek at the trends that we think that you will all be falling for this Autumn. 

We are certainly head over heels for these ... 
Fabulous faces


This classic siren look will never go out of fashion, which is why we love it. The little black heart gives it a cute romantic edge, why not experiment with this addition for a fun but straight from the catwalk look.  All you need to create this look is 3 very versatile products that you can use everyday. 

1. Paul and Joe colour powder in 070 and 072 
 perfect to create those nude eyes with a bit of added shimmer for glamour.
Now £11.55 in our SALE 

2. Red lips are perfect for brighten up the face even if you don't have time to apply any other make up. 
Make sure you always have the perfect pout with this 
Lola Lipstick in steam £14.50

3. Express yourself with this excellent Paul & Joe gel eye liner that fixes perfectly. Its matt black, waterproof and long wearing, goes on smoothly with a brush to 
get lovely flicks and is in the sale at £11.20  


We love this daring 60's make-up look. Go for bold colours and brighten up your look for winter, this can be especially good for the party season if you add some shimmer. To create this look we recommend:
1. Paul and Joe Eye color's in 004 the metalic yellow in this palette will really stand out
£9.80 in our SALE 

2. Pale pink lips were a staple in the 60's so try the Lola ultra drench lipstick in Mist £14.50 

TIP: Go easy on the blusher but exaggerate the cheekbones with a little shading.

Issa SS13

This gorgeous modern take on the classic bombshell make-up look is just divine. Go heavy on the eyes with some thick black liner, the long wearing and easy to apply Paul and Joe Waterproof Gel eye liner (as mentioned above) will work wonders for this then add the colour: 

1. Go super glossy with this sheer bright pink lipstick from the Manhatten Collection by
Paul & Joe 002 £16 

2. Go smokey on the eye with this Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Colour £12.25 

Then fill up your palette with your own selection of colours, great for those of us that don't like waste and know exactly what we like. 
Palette £8.25 Self Select Colours £12.25 

Tip: Take a little of the liner to the lower waterline, being sure not to close off the eye by taking it to far across.

Playful Peepers

Channel your inner Pierrot and try out this look with these gorgeous shades of blue. Use water on these shadows to make them nice and easy to apply and go bold, thick and long and don't forget the pretty dot on your under, it's just so pretty. 
Self select eye colour in 08 is £12.25

diana brill smokey eyes in 01 is £24 in our SALE 

All products available at The Power Room 

GET THE LOOK with our In a Jiffy Make up £20 
Make Him Look Twice £40 (1 hr make-up)

open Tuesday to Saturday 12 - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 4pm 

Don't worry glamourettes we haven't forgotten the Beautiful Barnets, tune in next week for our 
top picks from the catwalk and if you can't wait until then go ahead and book in for 
any of these looks now: 

Speedy Hair do £25 or Perfectly Coiffed £40 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Return to the Roaring 20's

With the return of Downton Abbey and the anticipation building for the release of the Great Gatsby we are in 1920's heaven. We like to call this the decade of decadence, when partying and dancing was a huge part of life and fantastic frocks, big doll eyes and beautiful barnets were a plenty!

Carey Mulligan: On the set of The Great Gatsby set in 1922.

The Crawley Sisters from Downton Abbey still very much is the Edwardian era 
or is that about to change? 

Hair was short and chic and make up was smokey and sultry. 
Style icons were bold and beautiful and still inspire the world today...

Clara Bow 

Louise Brooks 

Josephine Baker 

It's a look that we get asked about often so this is what to ask for at The Powder Room
to become a fabulous flapper girl..

How to get the look 

Make up: Was almost doll like. It was all about big highlighted eyes and tiny rose bud lips. 
Eyes should be dark, smoky and kohl-rimmed. Eyebrows were long and dark. Lips should be rich deep berry red and this should all be set against a perfect porcelain complexion.  

Choose The Marlene from our fabulous lookbook but go for deep red on the lips. 
In Jiffy Make up £20 

Hair: At the beginning of the 20's it was all about elegant, soft waved up dos. If you have long hair but you want to achieve an authentic look you can opt for The Veronique (with a twist) from our fabulous lookbook.  

Your hair will be set into glorious soft waves and then swept up into a gorgeous little chignon, set at the one side of your head to create the perfect Downton Abbey inspired look. 

If you hair is shorter then Clara is you gal. Go for frivolous doll like tight curls created with hot sticks. 

Both are great options if you are not willing to commit to the short sharp bob look which was so iconic during this era. 

Speedy Hair do £25 

Oh la la she wears it well: We love Marion Cotillard who captures the essence of this look with beautifully smouldering, very 1920's smokey eye make up & tight curly bob. 

Tune in to ITV1 on 16 September at 21:00 for the new series of Downton Abbey. 

Happy Flapping 
The Powderpuff Girls xx 

Extracts taken from Style Me Vintage Make up by our very own Katie Thomson 
available at The Powder Room for just £9.99