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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Leap into Love - February Fun

As the old adage goes, the 29th February is the sacred day where us gals can pop the big question.
Now us gals are romantics at heart so we decided to launch a search to find the most romantic girl in town. But would she put a ring on it? 

We know you have been dying to find out who won our hearts and the fantastic prize. Well wait more, tissues at the ready girls.... 

We gave our glamourettes the chance to WIN the perfect proposal package, this included: 
A Full makeover at The Powder Room Soho  – Speedy Hair, In a Jiffy Make Up, Busy Bee Nails, Brow Tidy, Lashes and a cocktail! 

 A £100 Voucher to spend at our lovely neighbours  Joy Everley Fine Jewellery & a free bottle of Champagne served at Antidote Wine Bar 
As you know we love a competition here, so we decided to make this a competition with commitment, with three thrilling rounds until we finally we found the most romantic doll of all
 Leighanne Murray (the lucky winner)

Leighanne takes a peek through our gorgeous look books as she 
claims her make over prize ahead of her big date. 

She won over our hearts with her answer to the final question: 

Q. If you were to propose to your partner this leap year, how would you go about it? Go on, romance the socks off us and tell us how you would propose to your piece of hot stuff!

A. If I were to propose to Dave this leap year, I would book us flights back to where I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him- Thailand.
We travelled there together for a month just six months after we got together. It was literally the best time of my life and we had so many great experiences there. Dave even wrote a short story about our adventures when we got back to reality in London.

Once we flew to Thailand, we would travel to Koh Pi Pi, which is our favourite island. We would stay in a bamboo bungalow overlooking the beach with a balcony to sit out in and watch the sunsets. Then I would organize a day trip. The day trip would involve being taken out on a long boat, cliff jumping, swimming with harmless sharks, snorkelling with tropical fish on the coral reef and finally, seeing the set of The Beach in Koh Pi Pi lay. It is the most astonishing place you could ever hope to see. And right there, basking in the sun with the glorious views of the surrounding cliffs, the crystal blue sea and the pure white sand, I would turn to him and tell him that I have never loved anything as much as I love him. Even though we are young, I knew that I wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together since we were standing right here two summers ago. And then I would produce a Joy Everley titanium engagement ring and say those sweet fateful words: "Dave, will you marry me?" 

All together now.....awwwww how cute!

Last Friday was the BIG NIGHT and Leighanne has shared her photos with us all, we can't tell you much more as we somehow managed to stop ourselves from following them through Carnaby down to the Wine bar swooning and screaming with excitement whilst we waited for the big question to be popped! 
But it looks like they had a super fun time, and boy what a pretty pair they make...

Leighanne after her make over looking super chic and calm! 
Dave comes to collect his gal, and isn't he cute! 

Joy Everley helps Leighanne choose her £100 prize 

It's in the bag, but what is it?  

The pretty pair celebrate in style at Antidote??

Congratulations love birds!

With thanks to Joy EverleyAntidote Carnaby and all of the gals & guys that entered. 

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