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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WIN tickets to the most glamorous party in town!

Let us sprinkle some glamour all over this very strange week of miserable weather 
 with this fabulously glamorous competition...

WIN 2 x tickets to the most glamorous party in town! 
all aboard the 
Saturday 23rd March  

An elegant night reigniting the splendour of the 1930s ocean liner. Featuring live performances from the wonderful Tricity Vogue, floorshows, cabaret acts and dancing, S.S. Atlantica is a Champagne-sodden foray into the glamour of yesteryear’s most luxurious form of travel. 

To WIN simply post the answer to this question below
Q: If you could be transported back to any era which would it be?

Hurry comp closes 18.03.13 | Winner announced on the 19.03.13

For more infomation on the party and to watch the video visit:

Good Luck
The Powderpuff Girls xx


  1. I would love to be transported back to the 1940's, when the war had finished and there was an amazing sense of togetherness and pride in the UK, plus the fashion and hair styles were amazing!

  2. The 1930's of course!

  3. Where else but the 1930's great glamour, great hair & great make up!

  4. 1940s, i love that the fashion and style were so glamorous, suited lots of body shapes and people were so inventive after the war finding ways to look good! A much more stylish time... Karen

  5. Paris during la belle epoque!!! During the years of great artists, of great music, of cabarets,of optimism and trust in the future and of permissiveness! :)

  6. 1940's St Tropez!! Capri pants and big dark glasses during the day, Satin Palazzo pant and diamonds in the evening. Women felt more glamorous and had more freedom to express it than ever before - or since!

  7. 1940's Noir! The 40's itself is the best era for clothes and make-up: peplums, red lips, fur stoles and incredible hair.... but the ladies in Film Noir inject sexiness and naughtiness into the proceedings. Gimme a whiskey on the rocks, a good girdle and a session with the Powderpuff Girls and hopefully I too can be a forties femme fatale one day....x

  8. 1930's!

    Johanna x

  9. The 1930's. Oh! The glamour, the style, the hair and the lipstick.

  10. I regularly dream about transported back to the 1950's. The fabulous clothes, the handsome men, and rockin' music. Whenever I think about the era it makes me smile, and I try to incorporate as much as I can into my own life to make me feel part of something utterly fabulous. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed to win this wonderful experience. Champer's and dancing, what's not to love!?

    Eve Rowley x
    Eve x

  11. Oh you guys are all melting our hearts, we are all dreamers of decadence and what better way to be. Good luck xx

  12. I would definitely be transported back the 30's. I love Art Nouveau, everything was so glamorous, the dresses, the art, the jewelry, the hair! It was such a fabulous time!

    Summer x x

  13. I would be transported back to the 1950s as the whole era oozes glamour demure and perfection

  14. Natalie Paszkowski14 March 2013 at 08:54

    I would love to be transported back to the mid 1920's! The between war-era of the Bright Young People and their care-free lifestyle! Who wouldn't want to spend their youth attending the most extravagant fancy dress parties and running through the streets of London on mad treasure hunts?! Take me there now :D

  15. I'd love to be transported to the 1950's, many women had discovered their equality during the war years and were awakening to how fun and fabulous it is to be a girl. Eyeliner flicks, sweetheart necklines, swing dresses and the dances to match!

  16. Justine Davidge16 March 2013 at 03:11

    The 50's. If it was cool enough for the Fonz....

  17. Vegas, 1950's..the glamour, the outfits & the fabulous music

  18. The lucky winner was:
    Paris during la belle epoque!!! During the years of great artists, of great music, of cabarets,of optimism and trust in the future and of permissiveness! :)
    Congratulations :)