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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Meet the Powderpuff Girls: Interview with Bianca Pereira

Each month we will interview one of the gals and reveal all of their beauty secrets, tips, loves and inspirations. We do hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes here at The Powder Room.
Meet Bianca...

Q: What's your favourite thing about being a Powderpuff Girl? 
My favourite thing about being a Powderpuff Girl is being able to be creative doing the things I love most which is hair and make-up, in such adorable beauty parlour. 

The Powder Room in full swing with wedding Belles a plenty! 

Q: What is your favourite product?
Mary-lou manizer for sure! This is the most gorgeous highlighter, it adds a subtle glow and shimmer and you can even use it all over for a night out. I love to use it to highlight the brow bone. 

Mary-Lou Manizer £16.50 available at The Powder Room 

Q: What is your favourite era for Hair, Make-up and fashion? 
My favourite era for hair and make-up would be 40s and 50s but fashion wise I love bits for all eras. 

The perfect 1940's inspired look. Subtle yet perfectly sculpting the face!

1940's inspired make-up / 
1950's inspired hair 


Q: Where did you go to Make-up school?
I studied hair and make-up at the Academy of Freelance Make-up (AOFM) in Soho

Beauty school brushes 

Q: Where is your favourite place to shop? 
                                         I love topshop, cant deny it! 

                                        Topshop Campaign Image (2012)

Q: Who is your style Icon? 

I would have to say that my style icon is Daphne Guinness, I                          absolutely love her! she is amazing! I want her closet!

Daphne Guinness

Q: What is your top tip on being close-up beautiful everyday? 
 A must for make-up would be filling in eyebrows nicely with a small angled brush, and highlighting the brow bone. 

Oh angle brush my sparse eyebrows thank you.
Small angled bush = perfect eyebrows 

Bianca is best know for creating the most amazing waves. She does a mean Veronica: glorious, sexy, glossy waves, which is a firm favourite with our glamourettes.

Meet the Veronica from our gorgeous look book 
Speedy Hair do just £25 at The Powder Room 

Bianca recently worked her magic on Xfactor's Ella Henderson here at 
The Powder Room. 

Bianca sets Ella's hair 
Ella's completed look 

If you have a question for the girls email it
and we will include it in the next interview

The Powderpuff Girls xx

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