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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Trick or Treat

Gosh the witching hour is almost upon us, you had better get gorgeous or gruesome gals! 
 In need of some inspiration? Have no fear we have all the Tricks and Treats you need...

Hair TRICK: Get the gruesome look 

 The Bride of Frankenstein 

Get this haunting yet beautiful look at home with our easy hair tips.

You will need: L'Oreal Setting Spray £9.95 and Bumble and
Bumble white hair powder spray just £12 in our SALE
(available at The Powder Room)

1. Section the hair and back comb it to death! Don't worry it's easy to brush out just start from the bottom and work your way up. 
2. Use a comb and the setting spray to guide the hair into the S-bend and secure with slides to set the hair in place. 
3. From there you can use the White hair powder spray,  if you select the piece of pre-styled hair and put tissues around it so that the area is stenciled and then spray the powder onto the design to create the colour contrast.

Just add lashings of lashes and the stitches to face using a good waterproof eyeliner, you don't want those cocktails to be messing up your look!

                                              Make-up TRICK: Get the gorgeous look 


We know this is the easy option BUT it is a look that works with any glam outfit and 
means you can still be sultry and sexy minus the gore. 

You will need: Paul & Joe eyebrow powder palette £14.50 
(available at The Powder Room

1. Focus on the eyebrows to give a feline image, dip the brush into the powder and sweep across the natural brow to fill in the shape. From there decide how big/thick/long you would like the brows and continue going slightly outside of your natural brow but keeping to a similar shape. 
2. Once this is achieved, use the angled brush in a sweeping upwards motion diagonally to create the 'extra hair' in the  image giving a more animalistic look. 
3. To make it more dramatic - go one to two tones darker than your natural hair colour to really make them stand out - you can always use the lighter shade from the palette to mix in and this will give a more 3-dimensional finish.

Don't forget the feline flicks these are essential and totally on trend at the moment. 
We love the backcomb hair hiding the hair band! Keep your ears secure for all that apple bobbing. 

NAIL the look: 

Now no Vampira is complete with out glossy talons! 
Finish your look with: Mavala Black polish & Black Oyster £4.50 each 
(available at The Powder Room

1. Apply 2 coats of the black to get the bold gothic look on top of your base coat. 
2. Vamp it up even further simply get a make up sponge and paint the Black Oyster colour onto the sponge, from there - gently pat the the colour onto the end of the nail to get a glistening finish - almost an ombre finish. 

TREAT: Special Offer 
Let us work our magic on you and turn you into a bewitching beauty with our twin treats. 
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Go for Gory but Gorgeous or..... 

Bewitchingly Beautiful 

Calling all you Halloween Hunnies we have a fabulous competition for you....

POST YOUR PHOTO HERE all entries will receive a shimmer Powderpuff! 

For more inspiration visit our Halloween Hunnies Board on PINTEREST 

Puff love to all you devilish divas 
Happy Halloween xxx 

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