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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Let the games begin: Get podium pretty!

With only 3 days until the official opening ceremony of the games us gals are getting all sporty! 
Well, as sporty as one can be whilst still looking perfectly groomed. 

We are proud and excited to have 3 of our Powderpuff girls working on the ceremonies, one in the hair department (of course) one in the make up department (of course) and one performing! 
Wishing our gals lots of luck. Be sure to cheer them on! 

Our Columbia Road boutique is in the heart of London's east end which is buzzing with Olympic fever. We are feeling super patriotic too we have adored our window with tiny little union jacks and red, white and blue product!

The Powder Room Columbia Road window display 

BUT we are most excited about prettying you all for the games! 
The games were last hosted in Britain in 1948. The era of gorgeous grooming. To celebrate the games returning we have created two very different looks from THEN and NOW which are bound to secure you a spot on the podium of pretty. 

1948 Olympic Poster 

THEN: Old School Glamour

Recreate the era of gorgeously groomed hair and perfectly pretty make up. 

1948 Ladies Olympic Teams

Make up in the 1940's was all about the lipstick - and matte red was the look. Even land girls wouldn't be seen without it! Women in the 1940's aspired to the Hollywood version, typified by Rita Hayworth, and although few could achieve it in such tough times, they still made the effort to be glamourous!

Rita Hayworth

Everything you need to get the look

Start with perfectly primed skin. Matte was the order of the day. Apply neutral beige eye shadow and shade the sockets with a neutral stone or light brown. Use a good liquid eye liner for a very thin line along the upper lid and extend slightly at the outer corner for a dramatic look. Be sure to accentuate your eyebrows and highlighting the arch. Use lashings of mascara on just the upper lashes or go all out Hollywood with full false lashes. Add a light dusting of rosy pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.  Complete the look with lips. Perfectly lined with a good red pencil that matches your lipstick. Lipstick needs to be matte pillar-box red. Blot well. 

Hair in the 1940's was always impressively groomed. Big bouncy waves and of course victory rolls 
were popular. 

Introducing the Vera from our Hair Look Book. 

To create this look you will need all of the above. 

The simplest and most flattering is a two victory rolls in a side parting, one large and one small.
 Start by making the side parting and then section the back of your hair off from ear to ear and clip out of the way.Starting at the parting and working away back comb sections down to the ear, spraying each as you go. Take a smoothing brush and smooth the whole section. Wind round 2 or 3 fingers depending on the size you want the rolls, into a cone shape with the open end facing front 
and pin in position with Kirby grips in the centre of the cone. You should be able to see 
down the cones from the front but and this should be closed at the back.

Try this look at home or book into The Powder Room and see how it's done. 

NOW: New School Gorgeous 

Today make up is very individual. It's bright, it's bold and it gives a nod to many iconic eras. Today we like to experiment and trial new looks. There certainly isn't one solid look, it's about being bold, using colour and having gorgeously groomed eyebrows and the longest fullest lashes. Our look is very East end cool and is inspired by the bright colours from the official Olympic logos.

The gorgeous Louise Hazel 

Hair should be glamorously manageable. Sport a sophisticated top knot for the ultimate in modern elegance. 

Introducing Bunny for our Hair Look Book

Tie your hair up into a high pony tail. Then section into 4 and back comb each section from the base until about half way down the length. Then use a smoothing brush on the outside edge of the hair to tame. A cheat is to use a doughnut, we don't do this at The Powder Room but it's much easier to create this look at home with one of these. Simply slide it on to your ponytail then wrap your hair around the doughnut and tuck in any loose ends. Pin it to secure it. This look will ensure you look effortlessly elegant all day long.  

Everything you will need to create the look 

Make up  Use the amazing Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer, it illuminates to give your complexion a radiant glow. In the absence of the Summer sun we recommend a bold orange blush complimented with strong brows. Channel your inner Barbie, go for lots of mascara or false lashes for pretty peepers with lashings of layered neon coloured eye shadows. Lips should be pink and glossy. 
You could go for pastel nails in orange/yellow, we love these pastel Mavala mini colours or.....

you could cheer on the team GB with pretty patriotic nails...

Pop on into The Powder Room any time in July and August for your patriotic manicure
 and show your support for our guys and dolls. 


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Pick yours up now at The Powder Room and gain access to our fabulous year round treats!  

The Powderpuff Girls xx 
Making Britain beautiful since 2005 

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