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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Best of British: 60's style royalty and how to steal their style

As we prepare to pack up our patriotic pamper kits and head to The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant this weekend we are celebrating all things British and all things 60's. 

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STREET PARTY CHIC: If you are staying at home and entertaining friends you might want to try this simple make up tutorial to get the iconic 1960's look. 

A key 1960's look was that of the child-like innocence epitomised by Twiggy. Essential elements were:  mini skirts and flat shoes, short neat little bobs, perfect natural complexion, nude glossy lips and round doll-like eyes with huge eyelashes top and bottom. 

STEP 1: Start with perfectly primed skin. Apply your foundation very lightly - keeping it natural. If you have freckles, embrace them and don't cover them up! Prime eyes, too, and use a light concealer. Lightly powder all over face and eyes.


STEP 2: With your eyeshadow brush, apply any pastel colour or even white to the whole eyelid. 

STEP 3: Take your socket brush and, with a very dark grey or black eyeshadow, shade the socket. 
If you tilt your head down slightly, you will find it easier to find the correct place to shade.  You can blend this a little, but a really defined arched socket line was very sixties. You can even use an eyeliner pencil if you want a really authentic look. 

STEP 4: Take a good liquid, gel or cream eyeliner, and with a fine-pointed brush, apply a line along the eyelashes of your upper lid from the inner to the outer corner. You can build this up gradually, but make sure it is thinner at the inner corner and goes to a point at the other end. Add the classic flick at the outer corners, but make it longer, much thicker and more pronounced for this look. 

STEP 5: For an authentic Twiggy, you will want to paint on a few lower lashes at the outer corner of the lower lid. be sure to taper them off to a point and curve them slightly. 

STEP 6: Use an angled brush to define your eyebrows, but keep them very natural. 

STEP 7: Lashings of mascara, and false eyelashes are an absolute must - the thicker the better! 
Twiggy was famous for wearing three pairs! 

We love these from The Vintage Cosmetic Company available at The Powder room

STEP 8: You want barely there blusher in a pale colour. Apply a little on the apples and carry on up along the top of the cheekbone slightly. This look was all about the eyes, so everything else was paired right down.  

STEP 9: Lips should be nude - just a very natural gloss. You could even use foundation instead of lipstick to achieve a 1960's look. 

Finally step out in style and have a Joyous Jubilee

See you at the Pageant 
The Powderpuff girls xx

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This tutorial was taken from Miss Powderpuff's Book Style Me Vintage make-up £9.99 
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